About Us

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1. Internationally:

Metro Road Design Plan 2025

Our company Contracts, we have the ability and experience in training foreign militaries and police, we also supply Equipment and Armed security personnel to various locations.

  1. 2. In The U.S:

    Our Background is tactical, Most of the gear in our shop is designed to be portable.

    We specialize in:-
    • Slash Proof
    • Medical Kits
    • Tactical Equipment
    • Clothes and Classes
    • Bulletproof Clothing
    • Women's Concealed Carry Holsters
    • Hard to find Antiques, Unusual Items
    • Non-Lethal for those that don't want firearms
  2. We have some examples of Safes and Furniture to store weapons in. We have just about any kind of Weapon or Ammo you could Imagine. If you don't see it we can specially order it for you.


    Our classes are designed for all persons

    The Non-Shooters, Casual Hunters, and Tactical Shooters can all benefit from our courses. You will learn more in our basic courses than are taught in most courses.

  3. 4. Women's Self Defense Course:

    It's not Martial Arts, It is a mix of defensive moves taught to the Civilians, Military and Police for those close encounters where you need some distance between you and the aggressor in order to react properly. Whether that means using whatever is available to defend yourself or to find the weapon you have hidden where ever to use on the aggressor or to simply run away.

  4. 5. Weapons Safety Course:

    We have the traditional weapon safety course, but we also have a non- traditional weapon safety course which we have designed for non-shooters and those persons that don't believe in weapons. We have always been under the opinion everyone needs to learn weapon safety, even those People that don't believe in firearms.

    Picture this your son or daughter finds a weapon or brings one index from school. You’re going to call the police, of course. What are you going to do with this unfamiliar item while you wait for the police, are you going to throw it in a corner and treat it like a rattle snake, sit there and stare at it till the police arrive, or make it safe until the police arrive?

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